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Pink Construction specialises in providing commercial construction and building services to companies and organisations in Auckland operating in Early Education.

We also undertake a wide range of other light commercial and specialist residential construction projects. We have extensive skills and flexible capabilities on our team, with specific knowledge and expertise in educational facility construction projects.

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Not all commercial construction and building companies in Auckland are the same. At Pink Construction, we like to stand out from the crowd with the quality of workmanship that we deliver and the standard of our service. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, ensuring complete satisfaction on all projects. In fact, we won’t regard your project as being finished until you are satisfied with what we have done.

The team at Pink Construction has been carefully selected for their commitment to delivering quality workmanship and service. Each member of the team is also highly skilled and experienced. Furthermore, we have a well-established culture at Pink Construction, in addition to robust policies and procedures, that ensure our standards remain consistently high.

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When it comes to the construction work, project management, and technical details, we’ll look after everything. We also understand the stress that can often be caused when going through a construction project. Therefore, we will make sure you are kept informed at all times about the progress of the job. We’ll also make sure you are comfortable with what is being done, and we’ll listen to any concerns, questions, or ideas you want to discuss.

Health and safety is also a central component of everything that we do, and we’ll adhere to all health and safety requirements. In addition, each member of our team receives regular health and safety training.

Plus, we take pride in the building sites that we work on. We look after them, cleaning up after ourselves, and ensuring the work area is kept tidy and free from clutter.

We know this isn’t the way all building companies in Auckland work, but we find it is right for us. In fact, the way we operate is the main reason why many of our customers are repeat clients who return to us whenever they need further light commercial construction work completed.

If you would like to find out more, or to discuss your project, please get in touch with us today.

What We Do

We are commercial building contractors, so we build commercial facilities. That said, the detail of what we do and what we can bring to your project goes much deeper than this simple description. In summary, we’ll make sure your project runs smoothly, that you get an end result and finish that you expect, with everything finishing on time and within budget.

Some of the features of our service that make the above happen include:

  • Cost-saving advice – from the day we first begin a conversation with you until your project is completed, we will give you all the advice we can to help you minimise costs. We’ll do this using our extensive experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge of projects that are similar to yours.
  • Design consultancy services – the success of most light commercial construction projects starts in the design phase. Therefore, we offer architectural design consultancy services to our clients in Auckland. Throughout the process, we’ll liaise with the architects, engineers, and Geotech consultants working on your plans and specifications.
  • Obtaining Council consent – obtaining council consent is a key part of most light commercial construction projects. At Pink Construction, we’ll provide full, proactive support, and we’ll manage all post-construction inspections and queries by the Council.
  • Full project management of the work – we offer expert project management services that cover pre-construction planning and budgeting, subcontractor hiring and management, schedule management, buying materials, and more.

Our Values

At Pink Construction, our values can be summarised as C.H.A.T:

  • Commitment to customers – we continuously work to ensure we have a culture of customer satisfaction and delivery quality that exceeds expectations.
  • Honesty – we pride ourselves on always being honest, delivering good news and bad with equal sincerity, ensuring you never encounter price surprises, and always presenting challenges with solutions rather than problems.
  • Attitude – our team is positive, passionate, and caring, with a can-do and hardworking attitude.
  • Thoughtful – we are generous and kind to those who need help.

The Process

If you would like to talk to us about your childcare, educational facility, or light commercial construction project, please get in touch by giving us a call or completing the contact form on our website. We’ll provide the answers that you need, and we’ll arrange a consultation meeting where we can get to know each other better and where we can find out more about your project.

From there, we’ll review your plans, provide advice where we can, and we’ll give you an estimate before proceeding to provide you with a full quote. Let’s get the process started – contact us today.